Goodbye L&T

Nature aborts vacuum

Today is a day in my life when I have taken a very tough call: something that is likely to shape my future. I have resigned from my post at L&T Infotech and decided to move on. L&T has been my first employer, and as always, the first cut is the deepest. The couple of things that can make you feel better in such parting is that ‘nature aborts vacuum’ and that ‘the organization is always bigger than the employee’.

I started off my career with L&T Infotech in 2007 – was one of the few (3 I guess) Non-CS guys to have made it thru to the much-hyped ‘fast-track’ batch in training. After a year with Manufacturing I (MGF1) SBU, I was given the oppurtunity to move to the newly formed Consulting Services SBU. We worked at the ‘CE’s Office’ until the SBU had taken shape. Mr. Magapu, the Chairman of L&T Infotech, and Director – Technology Services, L&T Ltd., suggested that I spend some time at L&T HED and get an insight into business. HED felt like home to the mechanical engineer in me, but I was here for a different purpose. All was well, but then came a time when I started running out of fuel.

My experience at L&T HED was unmatched, perhaps the best I got in the little over 2 years that I spent with L&T. I worked for over an year with the team under M/s Vinay Khargonkar & GBN Babu, on a variety of assigments. These involved work on a plethora of technologies, managing projects & people (for the first time). Implementing processes in a manufacturing environment is always a tough job; especially when it comes to getting the buy-in from stake-holders. People will always resist change, and it was during adoption & ensuring compliance that I made all my friends at HED. When I look back at my L&T tenure, there is nothing besides HED that I can possibly recall. I will miss the people the most!

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to write all this, if Ms. Pramila Khilnani had not given me that one significant opportunity to move to Consulting. This was instrumental in steering my career to the analyst side, or I would still be talking to to micro-computers in cars.

Finally, when it was time to move out, everyone was a well-wisher. A minute or two after dropping the ‘good bye’ mail (Lotus might have not even finished putting a copy in everyone’s mailbox), I had received the first call from our Ranoli works; and then the calls didn’t stop all day. Over 50 people responded to the email from several locations & units, and quite a few others kept it off the record on Gtalk 🙂 90% of the people were surprised; others asked who would help them with my project? where I was going: job or higher studies? and few  replied as always with their unbeatable one-liners. The best part, however, was that all wished well. I don’t if its customary & obvious, but I felt strong. Here are a few exceptions – messages too specific & personal – to the above trend.

‘Wish you all good wishes for your new journey, we are departing little early but I hope you are going for better opportunities.’

‘aakshi jhep ghay chiman pakhaara… sodee sonya (L&T) cha pinjara…
aata mudya chee gosta, tumcha paschyaat CFMS kon sambhalnaar…’

‘It was great knowing you for the past several months. Your valuable contributions like CFMS system & other systems and your pleasant demeanor will always be remembered.’

‘Oye Hero…! Where do you think you are going…? I still have not got the hang of your CFMS yet. Come down and teach me before you push off.’

‘Though I am a bit taken aback by this mail of yours, I wish you all the best. We will certainly miss you here in HED. It was nice interacting with you and learning about Web 2.0’

‘You created space for yourself in HED IT in short span of time , which was remarkable.’

‘You have come a long way since our first meeting … and [you] had become an important part of the HED IT landscape. On a personal front it was nice to interact with you. I will certainly look forward to any possible future association.’

‘Congratulations on New Avenues!! May happiness and success be with you wherever you go. Most important, we all will miss your sunny disposition and the ability to laugh at yourself (so rare in people nowadays – sorry to say I too have to learn it)!! ‘

‘It was nice interacting with you – both in office and bus :)) ‘

‘It was wonderful experience working with you. Thanks for your support, guidance and confidence both as a mentor and more as a friend.’

‘All the very best for your new assignment in new environment. I am sure you will do well. Life is all about learning new things and your biggest strength is your high LQ…’

‘Having someone so enthusiastic & Jovial like you in the group who had always kept the entire group upbeat & cheerful…  it seems at HED we have lived one complete life which was full of enjoyment, learning, & get togethers… Prasad, you had been a source of tremendous learning. There had been many times when your wise thoughts had given resolution to various challenging situation. As for your Problem solving skills & solution oriented approach: You have stood like a Light House amidst the sea, braving rising tides & gusty winds, and showing way to those in the middle of turbulent sea

Thank you everyone, and I will miss you all. I am not taking up that task of naming people here, as I fear I would run out of webspace 😉 Check out my farewell photo-album

I am moving on for a very different profile: Sr. Product Analyst at Zycus. And for the record, I am in Mumbai itself.