Chicken McNuggets @ McDonalds

Product Launch (26/05/09)

I usually don’t spend money on vegetarian food, so I have never tried the much publicized Potato Wedges at McDonalds. But this time around, the advertisements got me in to trying Chicken McNuggets (that were part of my dinner tonight). McNuggets were launched in India a month back along with some new burgers; Cyrus Broacha was part of the campaign. Incidentally, McNuggets existed in the US since 1983.

At Rs. 69 ($1.4) for 6 pieces and Rs.99 for 9 ($2), the McNuggets are a bit overpriced. I always look at the fact that in Rs. 69 I could eat home-made nuggets for a whole week! But with the yum-yum dips – barbeque & mustard (only one of these is part of the first deal) – they make a good buy. So if you want to hog on some flesh, try these instead of their KFC counterparts.