The not so ‘Shiney’ future of men

10 days back, while at the lunch table, the Shiney Ahuja case was all over the place. Since the food on Mondays doesn’t even qualify as comestible, we were all casting our views on the story while it was being covered live by some news channel. Hemant asserted that with the kind of looks & personality Shiney has, any girl he’d point at would be willing to go home with him*. On hearing this, Ivan got back like a shot – “Right! That was also what Shiney thought, but the maid acted otherwise”. And we all cracked up!

Leaving jokes aside, where are the role models of society headed? Barring things they do in their lewd glamour world, society does look up to them for others. I would rather tag this post ‘Glam-shame’ than ‘GlamSham’. While his career was getting a little ‘shiny’, there he lies in the lock-up screaming ‘ouch-aah!’ and that’s the story of our Shiney Ahuja (that’s the second rhyme on my blog). The fact that he is still behind bars proves that he has no real Godfather in the industry. But even if he had, should the law tolerate offences like these? An unanimous rejection echoes in my ears. In fact perpetrators for such misanthropic crimes should be subject to punishments of the highest order.

After all this, there are unripe adults who ask questions like ‘Are men & women equally fond of each other?*’ in newspaper columns. Affirmative! Ask girls if they check out guys, sure they do! Of course, unparalleled to the extent men do. But who would like to give a stranger an eye and get raped the next hour? Sounds tough right? Sexual abuse is restraining such actions in women, thus being detrimental to the prospects of young men, like me, by disturbing the tacit request-response mechanism between the two sexes. Men have gone a long way with their appetite for women, but unfortunately the wrong way – from chivalry to perversion. For this and other reasons, its time that both sexes, in unison, take a stand on this and fight against sexual abuse.

* Language toned-down to suit both caustic & non-caustic readers