Goodbye Zycus

Unfortunately, it is only through some discomfort that we learn and grow. After 5.5 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious years at Zycus, I’ve decided to move on to explore the B2C side of the product world.

I am thankful to Satish & Nirav for sensing my product acumen, and on-boarding me to product management. A big thanks to Sachin & Bikash for being the fantastic managers they’ve been. They entrusted me to lead one of Zycus’ prodigious¬†product line – in terms of challenge, breadth, depth, team, revenue – from concept-to-revenue, and offered exposure and opportunities like never before.

Some of the best memories with the smartest folks...
Some of the best memories with the smartest folks…

All along, I’ve had the privilege to work with nimble & energetic Zycats¬†– all possessing the right attitude. In 2011, Zycus ushered me¬†to lead product owners; I¬†see them all as my career accelerators. Together with them,¬†my 60-member development team (of teams), lead by Shekhar, has been the top-most reason for my¬†all my¬†success and accolades. I wish to thank all of you,¬†You rock!¬†I am convinced that I’m leaving the product with virtuosos,¬†and¬†wish to see the¬†product line – so dear to my heart – continue to delight users.

My professional toolkit would’ve been soporific without the cross-functional interactions I’ve had with the sharpest minds in Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Legal, Finance, Recruitment and Leadership – thank you. I’d like to thank¬†Dushyant & Mario, two¬†very demanding salesmen who got the best out of me, not by overpowering the otherwise tense Sales-ProdMgmt relation, but through systematic mentoring. I learned so much from them! Thanks to my friends in Admin, Travel, HR, IT & Facilities¬†– you made life really easy.

I’m gonna miss the travel..

Ensuring we kick-started sales in every territory and went past the chasm was my biggest dream in this journey.  The opportunity to get close to end-users and decision makers, and listen to the market mellowed the 2+ years of backbreaking, vacation-less travel. I am grateful to management, and our early customers, for their support and encouragement in making dream this real. As disappointed as they were with my decision, they very selflessly put my career first. Thanks Aatish for your time to discuss my exit and for the priceless feedback.

Took us a while to fit in a single frame...
The entire team, after the farewell…

Parting is never easy. Exits are even harder. But these times are¬†a litmus test for the¬†employee-employer relation – that reveals trust, value and commitment therein. I am thankful to all who ensured a graceful exit.¬†In closing, I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey and I’m surely going to miss Zycus.

Good luck to each one of you Рand keep in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter.

PS: Keeping up with the tradition of a Goodbye post, this time it also served as my goodbye email. I was sure the close, curious & concerned would follow the link. Thanks for stopping by.