Driving consumer passion to “Make In India”

MakeInIndia’s success at the Hannover Messe has been the talk of the town for a while. And truly so, it has made every Indian proud of the country’s vision. While the program is primarily meant to transform India into a manufacturing-driven economy, I do not see why it cannot be extended to everything we make in India – whether for export or domestic use.

All through my travels in Australia, I couldn’t ignore the promotion of products made in Australia, by Australian owned businesses – right down to bread and water.

Promotion of products made in Australia
Promotion of products made in Australia

Population is a double-edged sword. While population shrivels available resources, it itself is an important resource in industrialization. And India can use this abundant resource to its advantage, to make #MakeInIndia a reality. For this, I think it is key to take this campaign to the masses.

Like the ISI logo, can we include a MadeInIndia logo on consumer products fully manufactured (not packed) on Indian soil? Not only will it promote indigenous products, but it will also amplify brand recall and connect. Plus, we have a bunch of world-famous products that we already make in India. Using them as pollinators can surely accelerate marketing, if not the program itself.

World's largest selling biscuit
World’s largest selling biscuit

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