Coffee with Prasad

I never spent more than 2 mins on making my coffee: 1 minute to mix coffee, sugar & milk and another to heat it in the microwave. But then I came across a great way of making coffee – by spending 10 mins. Not that I suddenly have more time, but once in a while its good to take interest in something that makes you feel so good. Especially when you want to spend some time talking to your honey 😉

This is how you make it...

Here is the recipe:

  1. Mix (a lot of) coffee and sugar in a cup and add half a tablespoon of milk (preferably warm) to wet the coffee.
  2. Stir the mixture for as long as you want; here is where you get the time to talk to your sweetheart! This is what makes the coffee different!
  3. Add milk to fill the cup.
  4. Heat the coffee in the microwave for a minute, and stir well.

Your coffee is ready – Enjoy!