Gmail lets you use dot (.) & plus (+) in your email

Gmail confirms this fact
Gmail confirms this in a cute way

Did you know that Gmail lets you add any number of dots (.) and plus (+) signs in your email address? I didn’t. This was recently brought to my notice by a colleague, Narendra Wagh. The best part was the way Gmail conveys the fact.

This means that and are same as Wow! That will really take away a lot of confusion that dots introduce in email addresses. People find it very hard to accept when I tell them I have no dots in my email!

The other great feature is letting you use + in your email address. You won’t want to share email with + with friends, but you could definitely use it at website known to Spam you. Had this been known before, I would sign-up at Times Job (a relevant example) as and then create a Filter in Gmail for all email from there to skip the inbox and sit inside a ‘Times Jobs’ label. A quick way to filter email is use the ‘Filter messages like these’ link available in the email header.

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