5 tips to eat all you can at a buffet

Foodies love buffets. I love buffets for 2 reasons: I get to try out a lot of dishes which I would otherwise never order; the other being I can hog as much as I like. Often times, amateurs at a buffet regret not having enjoyed their money’s worth.

After several tummy-full buffets, I have put together this list of tips for those interested.

1. Stay hungry & reach on time

Call this Buffet 101 if you wish to, but even if you don’t wish to hog, make sure you have enough hunger for a full meal. If you reach on time, you are likely to have the best lot, well-marinated, well-cooked and pampered by the chef. Refills are sometimes done in a hurry to meet the demand.

2. Browse the menu before starting

I’ve seen folks get excited by a Live pasta counter or Chicken Lollypops in the appetizer, only to find a their favorite main course or dessert for which they have no space left. Know the menu and plan your meal 🙂

3. Experiment with yourself: try everything

We usually tend to order the same things over and over when dining à la carte, in the fear of wasting something that doesn’t suit our taste. However, I see buffets as a great opportunity to try out new dishes & cuisines. It helps you identify things you like, and also develop taste for new cuisines.

4. Skip the fried oily stuff

Most hotels will choose to serve starters at the table and start with the oily, filling dishes like pakodas, poppers, wantons, potatoes, etc. All that is going to fill you up and leave no space for the exotic stuff that is to follow.

5. Jump to desserts

Unless you need a roti/bread/rice to complete your meal, skip the main course and directly jump to the desserts. Appetizers & Desserts are dishes that other wise cost lot more than the main course, and a few extra servings of these are likely to make the buffet worth its price.

I am sure there are tons of foodies out there, so if I have missed something, please feel free to add.