The sun sets on Dubai. Adios!

Dubai. The entire city is a man-made miracle. Its a fine example of what great vision, honest leadership and innovative business models can build. Its beautiful, clean and safe as any city can possibly be. And we’re sad to leave!

The customary shot from atop
The customary shot from atop

We had our own challenges moving in and out. But the journey in between was full of memories. I can’t express what it means to arrive in a new country and find an old friendin the arrivals area, not by coincidence – Aqib was waiting for me (and was never to be seen again). And settling in would’ve been a Kafka without Bijon – he stood by us till the moment I exited Dubai. Just proves how strong ties withstand the test of time.

We made some great friends here, friends that we’ll keep forever. Gayathri, Shoeb, Kavita and Balan were our pillars – in fun and tough times. We had some great dinners with Hossam & Hayam but they left a bit sooner. Hussain uncle and family were the only elders we knew here, and were a blessing. We can’t imagine the last 5 months without Rano!

Aditi and I both had the privilege of working with rockstar colleagues who will continue to be a part of our lives forever. She had a small yet splendid team lead by a great boss. Raj, Rihenbhai, Pawan, Mini, Krishna, Anzhelina, Sadiq were great help in the entire move. My team was talented, inspirational and fun – all at the same time. Best of all, they got me coins wherever they went. Rameez, Kriti, Marky, Sil, Harky, Ansar, Amyed, Meetu (Captain Subaru), Rawat, .. I’m gonna super miss you all. Arjit, Qasim, Prashant, Karan, Manan, Sreekanth, Suzan are solid examples of people you connect with very little effort. We had the pleasure of countless farewell parties with each group – thanks to all those who visited and hosted us.

I want to give a special mention to the Lavazza baristas in the Tower, who for months ignored my request to serve Fatoush at lunch. When they heard of my exit, they had exactly 1 Fatoush in the salad bar, each day of my last week, reserved for me. Thanks guys!

Yes, these guys! Leo, Rajib and the Manager. We're missing Am here.
Yes, these guys! Leo, Rajib and the Manager. We’re missing Am here.

While we miss the pleasures and convenience of Dubai, we’re glad to take back awesome memories and great friends – apart from one very special gift. Thanks Dubai, we’ll forever be grateful. No moving on to Safari machinery noting.

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