Lunch Buffet @ Saffron – Rs.199* Only!

I had been on the lookout for a nice place offering buffet lunch & dinner for over a month now. On my way to work I came across this large banner opposite Matoshree club on JVLR offering a lunch buffet at Rs.199, ofcourse with a star (indicating taxes). So me and friends enquired the menu & decided to give it a try!

‘Saffron Eatery & Bar’, specializes in a variety of cuisines including Thai, Chinese & Mexican, with their kitchen (probably) managed by Maharaja Essence that caters to other restaurants in the suburb. Its located inside the Supremo Activity Centre that is adjacent to the Matoshree Sports Club operated by BMC. The place has great ambience, but the large tables and sofas make it uncomfortable for a buffet (as people frequent the counters). Apart from the buffet at 199*, they also offer lunch with two glasses and unlimited Chantilli (from Chateau Indage) at 299 or 399 respectively.

The introductory 5 course buffet featured the following:

Soup: 1 Veg
Delicious piping hot Thai soup

Salads: 4 Veg / 2 Non-Veg (1 Egg, 1 Chicken)
Nothing that deserves mention. Infact, there wasn’t any pasta.

Appetizers: 2 Veg / 2 Non-Veg
Unfortunately both the veg starters were deep fried, one could have been roasted or grilled. Both non-veg starters were chicken: one kebab and Thai fried chicken which everyone loved

Main Course: 2 Veg / 2 Non-Veg
Paneer and Mix veg for the vegetarians were decent. There was mixed opinion about the Chicken & Mutton gravies, cooked in curd & palak respectively.

Dessert: 3
The gulab jamun was beyond words and nice Fruit cream. Slightly disappointing though was the ice-cream, served in strawberry flavor and limited to a single scoop.

All-in-all, decent variety and good value for money at Rs.223!