My FlightDiary: 100 flights via Mumbai

Business travel is very boring. But along the way, you need to find ways to keep it exciting. Haynes introduced me to FlightDiary which has helped me keep track of travel and analyze it. Day before, I took my 100th flight via Mumbai from a total of 170. Here is how my flight-diary looks now:

And some stats to go with it:

Total Most flown
170 Flights 66 flights in 2014
42 Airports 100 flights via Mumbai
25 Airlines 44 flights on Singapore Airlines (SQ)
23 Countries 12 times to Singapore
32 Aircraft types 31 flights on Boeing 777

Measure #
Total flown 557,427 km
Average 3279 km, 04:35
Longest BOM↔EWR, 12538 km, 15:30 hrs
Shortest CPH↔SGD, 195 km, 00:45 hrs
Around the world 13.91 times
To the Moon 1.450x
To Mars 0.0100x (need to work on this)

Location Airport Coordinates
Northernmost Reykjavik, Iceland (KEF) 63.98°N 22.61°W
Southernmost Melbourne, Australia (MEL) 37.67°S 144.84°E
Westernmost Portland, USA (PDX) 45.59°N 122.6°W
Easternmost Brisbane, Australia (BNE) 27.38°S 153.12°E

Jumped on to 2 of these on Friday to get back home
Jumped on to 2 of these on Friday to get back home

Thanks to Haynes for his encouragement to maintain my FlightDiary.