May Day! Confused comparing job offers?

Mangoes. Yippie!

Today my dad bought the first set of mangoes this season. If asked to relate a couple of things to May, my answer would be mangoes, and ever since I started working: appraisals & attrition. While material –¬†screenshot showing the baseline version on tissue – dates back to 2009, this post has remained queued for several months.¬†Just like mangoes taste best in May, a post on choosing jobs has to wait for its own season to deliver maximum value. With appraisals around the corner and attrition already kicking-in, I thought this could help those switching to resolve their dilemma between their current job and offers in hand!

Baseline version on tissue

Just to set the expectations right, this is a simple decision matrix that allows you to weigh options against a few well-defined criteria.

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I know huge links like that could seem fishy, but this one is clean. It might just make more sense to those employed in India. HR folks, if you’re downloading – this is how we look at an offer!

Here a couple of other things that could help you take the right decision:

  • the internet
The internet is an endless resource of information. In this age it stupid to say things like, ‘I don’t quite understand the profile’ or ‘I’m not sure if the company has products of its own’. There are tons of website that will give you a sneak peak into organizations – and some like Glassdoor will show everything up to salary brackets for a designation. Use it!
  • Your network
I am almost certain that you have a LinkedIn profile, if not please go create one and add a few connections. That will give you entry to a vast network of professionals at organizations you’re planning to join; if not for someone you already know, it can highlight a connection that links up to them. If you find no luck, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to shout aloud on Facebook or Plus asking friends to create a lead or help you with the decision.
Note:¬† Its great to have a huge network, but don’t go adding every other person.