7 thoughts on “Why I love internet banking with AXIS Bank”

  1. Huh AXIS Bank sucks. seriously sucks. it have many features i agree but most of the times failures and many times money blocked and many times downtime’s….. worst online banking.

  2. Axis bank just sucks BIG time!. their number 1855 – for US on the new platform is aweful.

  3. Did they pay you to write this… LOL
    one of the worst systems Axis bank… stupid to say the list

    1. Not really. At the time they launched, they were really good, but I feel HDFC overtook. At the moment, their mobile banking app is one of the best

  4. Axis Bank internet banking is the worst banking I have ever seen. I may agree in person banking but never online. Oh my god.. its so pathetic.

  5. One of the worst internet banking service is provided by axis bank, always slow slow even on 16 MBPS line…

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