Theme for 2012: Unf*#k your mind

Last year I began drafting a theme for the year 2011. I called it ‘Being my own superhero‘. Although I did work on those lines and achieve quite a bit, the post remained a draft all year. Here’s a snippet:

I really can’t make sense of what’s going on in life. Sometimes I feel I’m being overly optimistic about things – like the sole warrior fighting all odds. Are will & determination enough to survive tough times? Can & should one person bring about change in so many people? make them realize things? help them think right? I really don’t know. But I’m going to try. Because if I don’t, someday I might curse myself for having lost a chance to make things better for myself & those around. So I’m taking this chance to be a super-hero – my own super-hero. That’s the theme for 2011. And I will try to have one each new year to set a direction to life. Cheers!

This year I thought I’ll publish it in time. But before everything else, here’s wishing you & your family a very happy, prosperous & healthy new year. But here’s what is going to really make it a ‘new year’:

Its New Year. Welcome it with a new vision, ambition & persona. Stop worrying about things that don’t matter. Respect & love people selflessly. Don’t do things that make you feel sorry. Then its a Happy New Year! Cheers

And continuing on those lines, this year’s theme is: Unf*#k your mind. Everyday I meet sane people who are bogged by the pressure exerted on them by those people around – people
– with egos;
– who can’t reason logically;
– whose opinions you can’t confront; and
– who can’t stay away from critisism & negativity.

Assuming that people are the larger cause of all mindf*#k, which is completely avoidable if they are managed better. Here is a 3 point agenda for this year:
– detach previously attached tags from people (arrogant, irresponsible, thoughtless), avoid areas of conflict & start on a blank slate
– listen to all that people have to say – however ridiculous – and react responsibly
– at no cost be mean or revengeful when it comes to spreading happiness

If I can train my mind to work on these lines, I’m sure to avoid a lot of mindf*#k and free some time to create a dent in the universe. Unfortunately, writing more on this blog is not on the list 🙂

Wishing that your mind remains unf*#ked all year long 🙂