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Get updates from any web page via a Feed43 RSS feed

As is evident from several posts on my blog, I am a total food freak! I am also a regular burrper. I have written several valuable reviews at Burrp and also received written appreciation from Burrp. A couple of months back I was thinking of copying food review from Burrp to my blog. Since that was going to be tedious, I went looking for a RSS feed from Burrp. It was sad they don’t offer it, but I wrote them my feedback. Now I was left with no option but to think out of the box!

The Need
The Need

And then the Web 2.0 enthusiast in me came to life! I had been using a service called Feed43 to process several feeds and remembered that it allows creating a feed out of any page on the internet. I checked the HTML source code of my Burrp profile page to find that reviews were quite structured in terms of markup. So why not let Feed43 read out the page and create a feed for my reviews? This way I won’t have to copy anything manually. Moreover, whenever I post a review to Burrp, it will be available on my blog in less than 6 hours (that’s the refresh rate for free feeds at Feed43) Continue reading Get updates from any web page via a Feed43 RSS feed

Jargon: pubsubhubbub

pubsubhubbub is an open-source protocol that establishes a Publisher-Subscriber agreement between feed servers (pub) and subscribers (sub) via a broker (hub).  It is thus an extension to the existing RSS & Atom protocols for feeds. With this, subscribers will no longer have to keep polling the feed URL, but instead will be notified of updates. Publishers will specify a hub address as part of the feed specification, and all subscribers will register themselves with the hub (instead of the feed itself). The publishing tool will notify the hub of updates, which will in turn efficiently multicast the update to all subscribers. Continue reading Jargon: pubsubhubbub