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Review: Liferay Portal

I was going a Sun white-paper on Open Source technologies for Web applications; Sun was soft-marketing the Glass fishframework. My take from it was LifeRay, an open source portal technology. I never really of a Java-based portal other than Alfresco, and this is something so close to Sun. I created a demo site for myself to test the feature set. Continue reading Review: Liferay Portal

Jargon: Gemba

Gemba, in Japanese, means ‘the actual place’ or ‘the real place’. In business, gemba refers to the place where value is created; in manufacturing the gemba is the factory floor. Its use is extended in IT where the consultant is supposed to assist users at their place so as to make them comfortable with use of the system. It is also suggested that solutions to problems, improvements & ideas will come from going to the gemba. Continue reading Jargon: Gemba

Review: Bing – Search & decide!

I had heard Steve mention Microsoft’s interest in the search arena, but he hadn’t said too much – not even revealed the name! Soon I heard that Yahoo Search had given way to Bing, and Microsoft was making money from it. Today I spared some time to get my hands on to Microsoft’s newest product, the Bing decision engine to check if claims are true. Continue reading Review: Bing – Search & decide!

Jargon: Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a newly-coined term for delegating tasks to the open user community, and optionally rewarding results. Typical tasks include testing, verification, development, promotion and evaluation. Free-lancers in IT and contributors on the web, believed to be a key constituent of the Web 2.0 mass collaboration ideology, are central to this process. The ethical, social, and economic implications of crowdsourcing are subject to wide debate. Continue reading Jargon: Crowdsourcing

New Wave of collaboration!

While reading collaboration & social networking, I realized that this domain features a brand new ‘wave’ of products. Products that will take collaboration, communication, mash-ups and mobility to the next level. And ultimately replace email! Shocking, ain’t it? I started believing it after checking out the Google Wave demo. Wave is set to launch in September while Shareflow, with lesser jazz, is already available. Continue reading New Wave of collaboration!

Setting up my Press, Part 2: Choosing the right property

This trilogy titled ‘Setting up my press’, will definitely not serve as a tutorial, is only an account of my decade long experience with web hosts & getting along with WordPress. In Part 1, I discussed my build-or-use decision and WordPress PoC. In this part, I will put my decade long experience with web hosting to use to help buy web-estate wisely. Do stick around for Part 3 on installation tips & must-have plug-ins. Continue reading Setting up my Press, Part 2: Choosing the right property