And we’re back, for the global common good

The theme for my life over the last year or so has been ‘change without choice’. Things & people, out of my control, are forcing a change in my life – all for good. A fortnight back my web account was locked for some abusive script – probably my Facebook app that was looping indefinitely. Other ‘happening’ things spared little time to fix my blog. Last week, I recovered the data, massaged it to match the WP3.0 structure and got a new setup running on a new host – took around 10 hours in toto. Please help by sharing bugs & performance issues.

I’m writing after a couple a months and, as always, a lot has happened since. In my post ‘The not so ‘Shiney’ future of men‘ based on the Shiney Ahuja rape case, I had mentioned that apart from strong opposition, we need to have a non-tolerant attitude towards offenders. But the recent Kenan-Reuben murders are a gory, discouraging result of such opposition. Its a shame on part of law & enforcement, which has left no fear in the minds of criminals. One of the killers had confidently mentioned that they’ll get away with this. Is our government bold enough to set a strong example by sentencing perpetrators to stone pelting in public? Brutal thought? Probably yes. But wouldn’t it sound fair if this unjust loss was to our family? We have to stand by their families, and together put our feet down until justice is granted.

So far, the globalization paradigm has wrongly been restricted to business & technology. What about the emotional support that is now being offered by the world to causes like Arab Spring? Isn’t that an outcome of globalization. As the UN GenSec Ban Ki-moon rightly said on 7 Billion Day: ‘Together, we can be seven billion strong – by working in solidarity for a better world for all’. If we extend this emotional power to the needy, we can overturn any unjust power. And that’s precisely the difference between Iraqi & Libyan liberations – the emotional outburst. To conclude, such issues require public support; not just local, but global. And we should do whatever little we can for the global common good.

In other news, my uncle Avinash has put up a bi-lingual blog around his thoughts called ‘मनांतर्गत शब्द विहार’. Check it out here.