Product growth. Career advancement. Leading teams. Let’s exchange!

tl;dr; I offer a 1-1 Hangout session — free & confidential — to anyone who’d benefit from my skills, experience and failures. Book an open slot, and decide what to get out of the 45 minutes.

1. Book a time that works for you.

You should find 1 slot every week (or its booked) and new slots open every Monday. If your topic is time-critical, reach out here and I’ll try to find something sooner.

2. Frame your challenge.

This is your time, and you set expectations for what you’d like to take away from the session. At a high-level, this could mean…

  • soundboard a career or business idea 🎯
  • gain perspective on a business, customer or career challenge. 💡
  • explore the path to up-skill, transition and advance career. 🚀
  • discuss a product or leadership experience 🏹
Some examples of topics we tackled in 2020

My mentoring journey

I started in 2019 when a colleague asked if I could help figure their career path. This accelerated in 2020 via platforms like the Mentoring Club, F-Lane and LinkedIn, when I truly experienced the joy of giving and how it was making me a better leader.

Mentoring experience in 2020

Topics matching my experience

  • Product Growth: validate an idea, generate customer & business value, or scale your growth model. 🚀
  • Career in product: transitioning into product management, competency, mastery, shaping your own career advancement & signalling growth. 🌱
  • Empowered Teams: setting up product mindset, autonomous mission teams, cross-functional collaboration. 💪🏼
  • Leadership & coaching: impact through influence, lateral leadership, goal setting, OKRs, performance management, team engagement. ☀️

Why I offer free sessions?

My own career has been quite a journey — with feelings ranging from excited to stuck, challenged to overwhelmed, aligned to lonely, impostor to ambitious — and fueled a ton of learning and resilience. But I’ve had the fortune of some great mentors — acquaintances, colleagues, ex-bosses — who helped with their guidance and unique perspectives at key junctures in that journey. 🙏🏻 This is my way of saying thank you and giving back to the community.

Prasad offers confidential, 1-1 mentoring for anyone who’d benefit from his skills, experience and failures. Book a slot & frame the best use of our 45 mins!