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Maghi Ganesh Utsav 2010 – Photos

Just uploaded the photos taken during the Maghi Ganesh Utsav 2010 at Nandgaon, Murud-Janjira. This festival is celebrated each year around January-end for which the entire Gupte-Chitnis family comes together at their family temple.

Thanks to Chibu (Pratik Gupte) for the excellent coverage of the event with his phone. If you have any pictures to share, pl email them to me at gupte.prasad+utsav2010@gmail.com

What we, as Indians, should expect from 2010

Wish you all & your families a very happy & prosperous new year. It has been quite a lazy start to my new year, nonetheless I’m lovin it (am I using this too often? McDonalds gonna sue me :D) What else would you expect when the new year starts with a long weekend?

I personally don’t keep new year resolutions; they perish as winter sets out 🙂 While I was setting some targets for me to achieve this year, a few other things came to my mind which we, as Indians, should all look forward to. Continue reading What we, as Indians, should expect from 2010