My LinkedIn Cover Image - March 2015

What does my LinkedIn cover image convey?

I am not a huge fan of LinkedIn’s cover image. Its an odd-sized banner that gets overridden by ads and the profile header itself. The flip-side of not having one is that it makes your profile look very lame. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

A couple of iterations later, I put up a metaphor of my professional side as the cover image. What do you make out of it? I’d love to hear in the comments section.

My LinkedIn Cover Image (Mar 2015) - Click to enlarge
My LinkedIn Cover Image (Mar 2015) – Click to enlarge

6 thoughts on “What does my LinkedIn cover image convey?”

  1. How it looked – Simple and Fresh
    What I understood – Foodie, blogger, thinker, loves to socialize, loves technology. Couldn’t figure out after = part. (why this symbol?)

    1. Wow, that is close! Thanks Mahesh..
      That’s how I put together my skills/personality to create products
      Btw, what brought out ‘foodie’? Was it the brain? :p I tried hard to keep that fact out of my professional image
      Thanks again!

  2. Brain = Creativity , Technology , UI / UX expertise (color palette and glass , I think should be placed side by side ) , tie = business knowledge , team work/collaboration , tablet = ??
    Everything together makes an awesome product … 🙂

    1. That’s perfect mate! I surely need to do something about the tablet – it was meant to convey user experience & mobility 🙁 I’ll work on that, thanks Sid!

  3. Hey Prasad,
    That’s actually a superb idea, very well describes a PM role. But i would do without the code part if you really want to depict PM (cmd prompt)

    1. I agree Nikhil. Its just that I happen to have some technology background which is why its there. It is definitely not meant to trumpet my coding skills 🙂 Thanks!

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