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Engage in one-on-ones & motivate your team with this Trello board

After a lot of reading & thinking, I came up with the idea of a simple Trello board to help me conduct effective one-on-one meetings with my team, and to plan each team member’s growth. This is the boilerplate that I could quickly replicate for each team member using  Trello’s “Copy Board…” feature. My team has been using it since last October and they’ve found it really helpful to communicate their achievements, issues and most importantly, to plan their growth.

Thanks to them, its now mature enough to help other managers better engage with their teams.  The boilerplate board is now public so you can easily copy & build on top of it. Here is a sample board showing real-world use. Get started by copying the boilerplate, and let me know how it works or how we can improve it.

Boilerplate (Get started by copying) | Real-world example


My one-on-one pattern has greatly evolved over the last 4 years that I’ve managed teams. Starting naively by tracking work,  it now leaves the daily stuff out and instead focuses on the individual itself. When my travel increased, I felt the need for something online to retain the connect. I believe in transparency and I hate secret dossiers; I wanted a platform where we both have the same view of the relationship, which becomes the single version of truth for all discussion. Also, since it was their plan, I wanted my team to have access even when they decide to move on.

I’ve got inspiration from a lot of sources: blogs, surveys & talks I’ve participated in, etc. Thanks to all!

Board Structure

There’s enough on the board for either of you to take interest. It helps drive strategy, but still track tactical stuff; stuff that’s important for the individual’s growth, and the manager’s. Continue reading Engage in one-on-ones & motivate your team with this Trello board

From the Horse’s Mouth: Aruna Gupte speaks on International Women’s Day

Aruna Gupte

Prasad: I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the ladies a very happy Women’s day. Like last year, we’ve opened up the stage for a woman to pen down her thoughts and this time its the most beautiful & respected woman in my life: my mom! Yes, busy Mrs. A P Gupte has taken time out to write for iTelescope. I’ve always appreciated previous generation for the brevity in their communication – this one’s a fine example.

Courtesy: buzzg.com
We're flying high!

Women have made commendable progress over the years in spite of living in  a male dominated society. Yet, as we stand today, we have managed to find identity for ourselves in every known field. This universal representation is the outcome of some great struggles which by itself is a great accomplishment on the part of women. What fascinates me most is that women from all backgrounds have risen: ones from lesser known towns, lower middle class families and even some that were deprived of education. Whether out of necessity to support the family or sheer interest, we’ve scuffled our way to be where we are, what we are today: more independent than yesterday.

Not massages, but is peace of mind too much to ask?
Not massages, but is peace of mind too much to ask?

It’s worth nothing that all these achievements and the resulting independence has come along with great difficulty. Most of the achievers have managed this while balancing both, the home & work fronts, with equal responsibility. And except for some lucky ones, a larger faction has struggled amidst lack of support from family. In this struggle, it is very important that women find positive support and encouragement at home: from their husband, kids & everyone at home. The spouse should voluntarily assist in day-to-day responsibilities wherever possible and take some load off the lady. And if not for that, the least they can guarantee is peace of mind. The same goes with children; Continue reading From the Horse’s Mouth: Aruna Gupte speaks on International Women’s Day