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My experimental Lego jetway

I’ve always wanted to add good-looking jetways for my diorama airport. I started with flexible plastic straws (that I used years back), and then a few paper craft designs. Straws were clumsy and paper craft took just too long.

Last month, I was at the Lego store in MoE, Dubai where I mocked up a jetway using bricks. At the cost of Aditi‘s patience, I managed to put together a working design. Based on the BoM (bills of materials), I packed enough bricks for 6 bridges in a small bucket that cost me 55 Dh (about US$ 15).

Devil is in the detail

At the centre of the design is a pod to which bridges are connected, and turn. The pod and jetway are both numbered. I’ve used a part of the paper craft for the actual gates that connect to the aircraft. Jetways don’t look like jetways without a HSBC banner.

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