Jargon: Graceful Degradation

Graceful Degradation, in computing, denotes the fault tolerance capability of a system, technology or product. In web-designing, it refers to blocking advanced features, that cannot be handled by older browsers, without garbling the display or generating errors. Forward compatibility as offered by HTML, is a nice way of browsers ignoring stuff that cannot be understood. In multimedia, it demands bit-rate adaptation based on available bandwidth, without jitter or freezing.

Luck: Not the movie, but my own!

I have been feeling very drowsy for the last couple of days. So unlike other times when I’m reading in the bus on the way home, I dozed off for a while yesterday. My specs were placed vertically in my chic checked shirt with a vertical pocket, from where they fell and slid two seats ahead. Without making any correction, I once again placed them in the pocket. Continue reading Luck: Not the movie, but my own!

LDAP Address Book in Mozilla Thunderbird

Necessity is the mother of invention

Although I haven’t invented anything, necessity has sure been the driving force for this post. A few of us share a common Novell mailbox at work. Since archiving is done locally on a single machine, it is not available to others. Tired of this, I migrated to Thunderbird a couple of months back. I set up my mailbox, created folders & message filters and a back-up utility. The only thing missing was my address book. While in Groupwise, names would auto-complete. So I went on to find a solution! Continue reading LDAP Address Book in Mozilla Thunderbird

Setting up my Press, Part 2: Choosing the right property

This trilogy titled ‘Setting up my press’, will definitely not serve as a tutorial, is only an account of my decade long experience with web hosts & getting along with WordPress. In Part 1, I discussed my build-or-use decision and WordPress PoC. In this part, I will put my decade long experience with web hosting to use to help buy web-estate wisely. Do stick around for Part 3 on installation tips & must-have plug-ins. Continue reading Setting up my Press, Part 2: Choosing the right property

The Gandhi Dynasty

Further to [permalink href=”250″ title=”Sea-link inaugurated, but what’s in a name?”]my post on the Sea-link Naamkaran issue[/permalink], here is a a ‘short’ list of schemes, roads etc. for the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty promotion with Tax Payer money! I was actually waiting for something like this, until this morning when I found it in my Forwarded Email label (folder for non-googlians). Continue reading The Gandhi Dynasty

BE @ MU, Part 1: Recommended Books & Study Tips

Graduating as a Mechanical Engineer from Mumbai University (with distinction) was one of the best things that happened to me. Although I haven’t retained the trend I chose to graduate, I will continue to be a chauvinist. Here are some tips for fairing good and good books to refer to develop ilm that can never be taken down, no matter which industry you move to. Continue reading BE @ MU, Part 1: Recommended Books & Study Tips