Lunch with L&T pals

It took close to 25 person-hours to get 15 people for lunch. During all this, I got a mail I’d like to share with you. If you are planning an outing with friends, Don’t let this happen to you! We were misled by Burrp on the venue, and landed uourselves at a silly place called Wazawan (naam pe mat jao, hume bhi dhoka de gaya!) somewhere on Military Road in Marol. But in no time we figured out that this wasn’t the place for us! No drinks & too cheap! 🙂 So we moved to our all time favorite – Chakra and had a gala time!

Quorum: Prasad Gupte, Ivan Quadras, Sandeep Gokhale, Hemant Ubhe, Rohit Jham, Anand Natarajan, Shubhangi Billore, Shilpa Nair, Kanul Wadhwa, Prakash Konduru, Kunal Patel, Drup Desai, Sandeep Shenvi
Drop-outs: Neha Moghe, Vinit Reddy, Parwinder Singh, Sourav Ghosal & Jayesh.

Lunch at Chakra

3 thoughts on “Lunch with L&T pals”

  1. Sorry about the faulty information in burrp buddy. Hopefully you can help us correct what was wrong so that we can ensure that future burrpers have accurate information.

    Again, very sorry for the inconvenience. Such is the world of managing so many business listings 🙂


  2. Sure Deap, more than Burrp, fellow Burrpers need to add more detail like near accurate ‘cost for a meal for two’. You could possibly add an extra field during business registration to indicate suitability of the place for certain events. eg. Family, Friends, Team lunch, Client meeting, etc.
    Thanks for your kind response.

  3. Good suggestions, Prasad. We’re starting to do some of this deep tagging of places that we know about. If you happen across a place and have some deep tags to recommend, please do hesitate to flag that business and add those tags. Stay well.

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