Forget PDCA: See, Feel, Change

After reading this post by John Kotter at HBR, I really liked the See, Feel, Change approach suggested by him, compared to traditional approaches such as Plan-Do-Check-Act or Analyze-Think-Change.

Kotter argues that the traditional approaches are “all head, no heart, and often fail to motivate people to recognize the importance of a given problem. It’s too easily forgotten or ignored if it doesn’t feel real.”

What makes me a believer of the approach? Decision making will be far realistic when evidence pertaining to the problem is available. And how to get the evidence? Go into the field, get your hands dirty!  Take samples, float surveys or just talk to people. After all, empathy is  so critical to getting to the root of a problem and delivering a solution that makes people happy 😀

One thought on “Forget PDCA: See, Feel, Change”

  1. Yes throw away PDCA.

    Welcome CAPD.

    C heck, see, feel the situation.

    A ct, decide where to act, where to improve

    P lan, plan an experiment

    D o, realize the experience
    Look for Shoji Shiba ideas on the cycle of control versus the cycle of improvement

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