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The not so ‘Shiney’ future of men

10 days back, while at the lunch table, the Shiney Ahuja case was all over the place. Since the food on Mondays doesn’t even qualify as comestible, we were all casting our views on the story while it was being covered live by some news channel. Hemant asserted that with the kind of looks & personality Shiney has, any girl he’d point at would be willing to go home with him*. On hearing this, Ivan got back like a shot – “Right! That was also what Shiney thought, but the maid acted otherwise”. And we all cracked up! Continue reading The not so ‘Shiney’ future of men

Setting up my Press, Part 1: Build or Use?

This trilogy titled ‘Setting up my press’, is definitely not a tutorial, is only an account of my decade long experience with web hosts & how I got along with WordPress. In Part 1, I discuss my build-or-use decision and WordPress PoC. People who have already read about WordPress can skip this post and move to Part 2 that talks about choosing a host or Part 3 on installation tips & must-have plug-ins. Continue reading Setting up my Press, Part 1: Build or Use?

My Flesh Just Got Stronger

Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. From The Bible: Account of Jesus’ last night in Gethsemane. Matthew Ch.26:41.

The title of this post is an epithet for my blogging dilemma. I have been wanting to blog for the last couple of years – first as part of my website, then separately – but for some or the other reason didn’t take-off! But a few things prevent it from being pushed any further down my task list. I have always had a lot of things in my mind: some for the posterity of the human race and others to take away productive time. Not that I have been great at penning, just that I have always been clear in my thoughts. All I needed was some place to write; and what better than a blog! A few months back, even my boss encouraged me to do some reading, exploration and write about it. What could be a better reason with appraisals right around the corner! Continue reading My Flesh Just Got Stronger