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Lunch with L&T pals

It took close to 25 person-hours to get 15 people for lunch. During all this, I got a mail I’d like to share with you. If you are planning an outing with friends, Don’t let this happen to you! We were misled by Burrp on the venue, and landed uourselves at a silly place called Wazawan (naam pe mat jao, hume bhi dhoka de gaya!) somewhere on Military Road in Marol. But in no time we figured out that this wasn’t the place for us! No drinks & too cheap! 🙂 So we moved to our all time favorite – Chakra and had a gala time!

Quorum: Prasad Gupte, Ivan Quadras, Sandeep Gokhale, Hemant Ubhe, Rohit Jham, Anand Natarajan, Shubhangi Billore, Shilpa Nair, Kanul Wadhwa, Prakash Konduru, Kunal Patel, Drup Desai, Sandeep Shenvi
Drop-outs: Neha Moghe, Vinit Reddy, Parwinder Singh, Sourav Ghosal & Jayesh.

Lunch at Chakra

2nd Unofficial IX-E Reunion

The turn-out this beyond all expectation. Apart from myself, Joe, Pranay, Rohan & Vivian, 5 others: Richard Menezes, Akshath Poojary, Jijo Mohan, Naved and Pranab Patel (towards the end) joined. Apart from Jijo & Naved, we were all in the same class in ninth grade.

Unofficial IX-E Re-unions Photo-album

L&T Farewell – Photo Album

My farewell saga that stretched over 2 days 🙂 On Oct 31, Ivan & me had taken the group out for lunch at Jughead’s Pop-Tates in Powai. On Nov 2, my pals were all around me, ensuring a smooth exit. They are indebted me with gifts: a UDY perfume & big box of Celebrations (to celebrate my exit? or my new job?) Guys, I really want to thank each of you for making my stay & exit so much worth remembering. Check out this photo-gallery!

LnT Farewell

Unofficial IX-E Reunion

Today, we celebrated the unofficial reunion of the IX-E class. Esteemed guests invited and present were me, Joe Matthew, Pranay Arora, Rohan Nagarmath, Vivian Fernandes, while Pranab Patel & Gaurav Samel ditched us. Puneet Arora and Vinayak Samant also graced the occassion, although they were gone by the time Pranay realized his 20 grand phone has a superb camera.

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Hemant’s Birthday Celebration

Hemant’s Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated our pal & colleague Hemant Ubhe’s birthday on the evening of 28th May. We had called for Monginis’ brand new cake – a creamy blend of Black Forest & Dutch Truffle called Dutchland Forest. I know truffles are meant to be creamy & heavy, but this one lacks the flavour. I am a dark chocolate fan and to me, a lot of vanila screws up the chocolate. Try it once, but don’t expect value for money; it can never beat either of the parents in isolation.